by underswansea


This is prime time to forage for grub in the bush. The berries are out along the sides of the backroads and on cut blocks and slides.

There are plenty of roots still tender. The leaves are toughening, but not bad yet. At this late date it won’t take much sun before both are rendered inedible.

Mushrooms will start to appear near the end of summer.

While checking the huckleberries last week, I noticed plenty of yarrow plants.

My parents used to talk about yarrow being made into tea as a cure all.

Yarrow is native to North America. Aboriginal People chewed the roots, inhaled infused steam and made tea. It was used for pain relief and as a stimulant.

Most, if not all, of our modern day drugs originally come from natural sources. It is another reason to respect and conserve wild spaces.

What a shame if a future cure for cancer is being burned in the rainforest, or ground under while clear cutting the mountains.