storms rolling

by underswansea


Been falling behind with lawn mowing and garden tending. I’m not worried about the lawn, but the garden could use a few things pulled. Weeds for sure, and the spinach that was banged up by the hail. It has chosen to bolt instead of grow back

A little over a week ago I aggravated an old back injury and spent the next couple days laying flat suffering from back spasms. A loud noise or Willow jumping up would make my lower back, pelvic and abdominal muscles convulse into a painful seizure. They were one after another. Believe me, it ain’t easy using a guzzunda* while in the throes of a full on back spasm!

The lettuce has formed nice tight heads. Another week or so it will start to bolt. I’m thinking of putting a cooler out by the road with a sign, FREE LETTUCE. There is no way we, our friends and family are going to be able to eat it all in time. Every year it is the same thing.

I have good friends. When they heard my back was out, they phoned offering, percocets, codeine, oxi (expired but ‘still good’), a few T3s, morphine, moonshine, wine, valium, mushrooms, (I’m in pain dammit, I don’t need a trip – still their heart was in the right place). . . and pot, lots of pot: leaf, joints, tea, oil, inhalants, pills or brownies. The choice was mine. I choose to ride it out with a few muscle relaxants I’d squirrelled away from last time this happened.

We had a storm last night. Thunder and lightening. Willow woke up and we went outside to watch. The thunder doesn’t bother her, thank goodness. My old dog, Slinky used to hate it. She would whine, pant and pace. I always felt sorry for her.

It was a good storm. The lightening lit the garden and trees and the inside of the house. Once the rain started Willow and I headed in.

A hard rain and thunder storm is good for the garden and earth. Lightening releases nitrogen. It’s good for the tomatoes and cabbage. . . and it’s good for the weeds.

Healed or not, it’s time to bend over and take what the earth has to offer. (hmmm, that didn’t sound good.)

* ‘guzzunda’ –  a piss pot that ‘goes – und – er’ the bed. An essential household fixture before the days of indoor plumbing!