moon and mars

by underswansea


The valley bottom is fine. The water is up. Lower than last year. Most of the snow is down. The rest of runoff is up to rain. We’ve had a bit lately. Though not enough to make a difference.

The valley bottom is fine. It’s rife with car horns and tourists. People in a hurry to go have fun. Telephone lines, sandwich boards and billboard signs. The ducks are still heard in the morning. Same as the fish, getting a few jumps in.

The valley bottom is fine. Liquor goes up, same as fuel. They start talking politics over free trade coffee. Gor-tex, tattoos, inheritance, piercing, brand names, craft beer and affluence. It’s what makes the world go round.

Only in the valley bottom can you make a difference by the coffee you choose.

The valley bottom is fine. It’s still being sold off. Traded from one developer to the other.

Once there is nothing left, they will be gone. . . thank fucking Christ.

Herons seem to be making a comeback, along with people in canoes.

They’re both wearing life jackets.

Regardless, the mountains are in every direction.