by underswansea


Lisa and I were proud today. We travelled to Calgary to watch our youngest child, Hunter’s convocation. Through plenty of hard work he earned his Civil Engineering Diploma.

A few years ago Hunter was in a car accident and badly injured. With the help of Kelsie, Maddy, Tom and Chad, his sisters and brothers, and his own strength and perseverance, he was able to finish the year. I still don’t know how he did it. It was remarkable considering what he was going through.

He took off the next year to heal. It was tough on him. He had to regain his footing. Clear the cobwebs as his grandfather would have said.

Lisa and I worried. But he got better.

Last September he returned to SAIT determined to achieve his diploma.

And he did with flying colours.

Lisa and I are so proud. So are his sister’s Kelsie and Maddy and brother-in-laws Tom and Chad. So are his Grandpa and Grandma.

It’s not just the piece of paper or title that matters. It’s everything it took to get it. It’s the part people don’t see. It’s about character.

Proud of you Big Man!