by underswansea

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This is how our world shrinks: do you remember the last person you met and thought, ‘I don’t like this person’?

But instead of saying fuck them, you gave them a chance?

I worked for a white supremacist. He was a stupid fucker. He was a Pentecostal minister with a basement full of guns. He said he couldn’t make as much money in the ministry as he could as a supervisor.

He was harmless. Too stupid to gather much of a following. I worked with him and tried to make the best of it. Even tried to talk sense to him on occasion. Fuck was that a bad idea.

In the end I said, ‘Fuck you,’ and left.

Rode side by side with a guy who hated women He smacked his kids and wife around. Of course he was always sorry. He cried easy. Strong as an ox but the biggest coward you’d ever meet. I talked him into going to counselling.

He was calm for days, after the first session. A week later I asked him how it went. He said the therapist was, ‘fucking gorgeous’, and told him, ‘he had reason to be angry’.

In the end I said, ‘Fuck you,’ and moved on.

Even separated, his wife and kids will have to put up with him for a lifetime.

Now, if a book doesn’t grab me in the first few pages I put it down.

Plenty of good books I wouldn’t have read with that attitude.

That’s what getting old does.