yard sale

by underswansea

RCE_5089Lawn Ornament – free to good home!

The thing about a garage sale; it ain’t the money you make, it’s the people you talk to.

Had two drawers of cd’s I hadn’t heard for years. Lisa said they had to go. It was hard. Saw my John Coltrane, Woodstock 69 and 99 go. Everyone loves Sheryl Crow. I refused to sell my Johnny Cash. Gave up Willie Nelson, Big Joe Turner and Leonard Cohen. Cassandra Wilson went. It’s unlikely the new owners will make as much love as Lisa and I did to her voice. . . still they looked young enough, I took their buck and I wished them luck.

Lisa makes up for my ‘stick in the mud’ nature. She keeps smiling and when there is an awkward silence she picks it up and makes everyone laugh. It doesn’t matter who it is. I’m lucky.

Willow spent most of the day in our bedroom downstairs. Once the sale was over we took to the creeks.

She did her usual.