by underswansea

_LME0974.jpgNo matter how well you plan it. The days get busy and you can’t get it all done. I’ve been neglecting the garden. The tomatoes could be in but they’re not. Same with the squash.

I’m not worried. It’s early. Still time can go by quick, especially in spring. A good saying is, it’s good to be busy. _LME0963

Spent the day in the garden. It was bonus. Dug and planted. The clouds cleared and the sun came out by noon. My winter arms burned while planting seeds. I sweated.

Makes me wonder once I get old if planting gardens will be enough. The zucchini are waiting in a bucket and they are on my list.

Lisa came out with the camera and took these shots. She knows I don’t like to get my picture taken.

Felt the sun. Even burnt my arms. How good is that while the snow is still in the mountains?