rainy weekend

by underswansea


RCE_4966Glacier Lillies.

Special weekend for us to have Maddy, Chad and Hunter visiting us. It is a long weekend as Canada celebrates Victoria Day on Monday.

RCE_4958.jpgHoping the rain will hold off.

The kids wanted to hike on Saturday. We set out along the trail as a large group. Maddy and Chad, Hunter, Breanna and her dad Dave and my good friend Dave and his young son Jake. And, of course, Willow that at the end of the hike, Breanna’s dad declared the biggest little dog he has met.

RCE_5007Snow beyond the spruce.

Willow does about twice the miles, checking out the smells and checking out rodents hiding underground.

RCE_4979It is steeper than it looks.

We were lucky, even though the clouds were low, we only had a few raindrops to manage. It was a good to hike across the recently down slides, look at the flowers and the remnants of winter.

RCE_4968A young elk that didn’t make it.

Sunday the rain was constant.  We had a nice breakfast (thanks Lisa) with everyone chatting around the table. Afterward, we watched Team Canada play Finland for the gold medal in the World Hockey Championships in Russia. It was a great game and despite being beaten by Finland in tournament play were able to prevail and take the gold. (Yay!) Nothing better than watching a good hockey game when the weather is too bad to do anything.

Lisa and headed up the creek in the evening. Willow insists on a walk regardless of weather conditions.

RCE_5016Willow counting raindrops.

A red-tailed hawk flew in front of us and landed in a tree. Later we looked for orchids and found a few rare yellow lady slippers just starting to bloom. No doubt helped by the recent moisture.

RCE_5026Yellow Lady’s Slippers.

Tomorrow we have another day off. It looks like the rain will keep up. If it ever stops the birds will be out in force.

RCE_5020Lisa returns to the truck. Willow still wants to walk.