hike and seek

by underswansea


My kids have asked me to take them hiking this weekend. They like getting into the rocks. There is still plenty of snow on the mountains, so I have to pick carefully. I picked a mountain with a nice west exposure. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a route while staying dry.

It has been awhile since I’ve been on this mountain and I have always approached from the other side, which would be the snowy side. So tonight Willow and I decided to scout it out. We wouldn’t get to the top, but we could see the condition of the roads and trail.

The roads were fine. Willow and I set off up the steep trail. It wasn’t long before it started to rain. I took a few pictures. Saw some wonderful Dwarf Arnica and Clematis.

The rain wasn’t going to let up and thunder started. We turned back for the truck. Once Willow and I were in the vehicle. I reached for the lens cap where I keep it in my breast pocket and couldn’t find it.


It must have fell out of my pocket while bending to take photos of the flowers. Damn! It was back into the rain for Willow and I.

We retraced our footprints back along the trail. The rain was getting worse. I looked high and low but it was nowhere to be found.

I had lost the lens cap.

We returned to the truck totally soaked. Willow didn’t seem to mind. She even appeared to be enjoying herself. But I was less than happy and wet to the skin. Plus. I was going to have to go home and admit to Lisa I’d lost the lens cap.

Once in the truck, I wiped off my glasses. The camera was riding in the passenger seat and there was the lens cap safe and sound on the lens. I must have put it back on the camera when it started raining on our first trip down the trail!

Willow looked at me. I looked at her. I thought I saw her grin. There wasn’t much to say.