by underswansea


Lisa and I went out of town and felt bad about leaving Willow. It was the kind of trip that she would have spent some time in the truck. And it’s too hot for that. Good friend Dave came to the house to let her out and give her some rubs.

When home, her and I headed for the bush. It was a rush and we didn’t get the walk she expects.

Back home we went to the garden for lettuce. The light was down. Right off she found a small wounded bird and ate it. Hard to say how that will sit with her. Slinky loved birds but usually threw up feathers the next day.

After that, Willow decided to trim the raspberry bushes and replant them in the garden.


It was quite a display, even for her.

She may be trying to teach me a lesson for leaving her inside all day.

No doubt, I’ll awake tomorrow morning early to the wonderful sound of her dry heaving fledgling feathers.