wild flowers

by underswansea

RCE_4775Calypso bulbosa

Lisa and I have been damn busy. Our walks with Willow are closer to home. Tonight, I said, we are heading into the mountains, work be damned.

Willow loves the mountains. I figured the Venus’s Lady’s Slipper Orchids should be out. Once we arrived, we discovered the tiny fragrant orchids were out in force. More than I’ve ever seen!

We kept our heads up for bears. I saw seven driving through Kootenay National Park two days before. Willow kept her nose in the wind.

RCE_4757Canis populus indago (English translation: bitch dog willow sniffer}

These pictures of wild orchids hardly does them justice. They are beyond amazing. They appear in the spring, sometimes when the snow is still falling, and shortly after disappear into the forest floor, like they had never been there at all.


Tiny yellow violets sprung out of the moss here and there.

RCE_4779Viola orbiculata

It was a good night.

On the way home, Lisa said we will likely be busy for at least the next four months, but we have to make time for the mountains. Some things are more important than work.