asparagus season

by underswansea


Lisa and I bought 25 lbs of asparagus from local canner, Sophie’s Choice. She gave us a great deal. It was picked the day before, about 100 miles down the road, in Creston, BC.

_LME0858Icing the asparagus before pickling.

We love asparagus pickles but have never made them. We picked a recipe from Canadian Living, tweaked it a bit and were off to the races.

It was easy with both of us doing it. We joked around plenty between peeling garlic,  cutting stems and pouring hot brine.

_LME0855Spice up your life.

Now we have 18 jars of pickled asparagus. Nine with peppers, nine without. I can’t wait to try them.

_LME0863Willow on quality control giving us the ‘A’ okay. 

The next task is making soup from all the ends that are left over.