taken back

by underswansea

Music can take you back to a place long forgotten.

That happened to me today. The song was, Break it to Them Gently, by Burton Cummings.

Dream of a Child, by Burton Cummings came out in 1978. I heard it and loved it. I bought the record at the record shop in town.

In the song, Burton Cummings sings about running away, but he doesn’t say from what. I loved that!

He talked about saying goodbye to everybody including his grandmother. It is a sad song.

But the thing I remember most when I hear that song is jerking-off.

I had my own record player in my room. I was thirteen years old – prime jerking off time for a male adolescent.

Girls were absolutely out of my realm. I couldn’t talk to them. At least like I wanted to.

My older brother had magazines. Sometimes I’d look at them. Sometimes I’d steal them and run them into the bush where I had built forts.

I didn’t like myself for any of it.

So I’d come home and listen to music in my room.

Sometimes I’d hang on to those magazines.

Break it to Them Gently, played.

I’d feel guilty and then redeemed.

And then I’d feel guilty again.

Then redeemed.

You have plenty of stamina, guilt, redemption and enthusiasm at thirteen.

Burton Cummings reminded of that.

I could smell those glossy pages, and touch the walls in my small bedroom.

I almost reached for my cock.

That’s good music! But inappropriate at my age.