morning song

by underswansea


It doesn’t take long to lose your bearings in the mountains. Lisa and I have only been away for five days. This morning Willow and I set out at 4:30 only to find it was already getting light. My hopes of taking pictures of The Milky Way were dashed. A few stars remained. Mars has changed it’s morning position and become brighter. We walked above the lake. Willow was happy getting in a good run and smelling the rodents and animals that inhabit the bush. The birds put on a symphony for our walking pleasure. Loud and chaotic to melodious; juncos ‘twirling‘ in the grasses and then the chickadees ‘dee dee‘, followed by the dull ‘cluck’ of ravens in the darkened trees, the distant drumming of a single ruffed grouse and geese honking their horns overhead and below on the shore. Finally when the sun neared the horizon the robins started in dawn-bursting allegro! Can there be finer music will walking a morning path? Willow and I missed the stars but counted ourselves lucky to witness the start of day.