by underswansea


It ain’t easy giving up an old pair of boots even if they are worn out. You have to figure all the trails and creeks crossed. The rocks scuffing the toes while hugging the cliffs.

But after awhile the gortex gets shredded. The leather tattered and the soles have lost their tread.

It may be the third pair of laces, but the eyelets are still strong. That’s what makes it so difficult.

The new pair came at Christmas. I didn’t wear them. Later it was spring and wet. The new boots looked too good to get dirty.

The truth isΒ I dreaded breaking them in. The old boots were handling the elements just fine.

But there comes a time . . . the old boots can’t go up another mountain.

Me and the new boots have to get used to each other. That’s going to take some time.

I’ve been walking around in the new boots and they feel pretty good. Today I took them for a run and my feet got sore.

The old boots sit within range. Looking at me, saying, ‘put me on I’m as comfortable as sheep skin slippers. I can still take you up the mountain and back.’

The new boots feel hot, loose in places and tight in others. They creak when I flex my feet. I question them.

It can be a tough time between boots.

But the time has come.

Tomorrow the old boots will be put down.

I have a handful of 30 30 shells and think I can sill shoot straight. Even if my feet are sore.

They’re only boots after all.