little hound

by underswansea


A rain storm rolled in tonight. Accompanied by plenty of wind. Hopefully some of the rain made it into the ground. Even heard a few claps of thunder.

The creeks have picked up. The slides are down on the slopes, leaving bare rock. Lisa and I used to climb up and suntan on the slides.

That’s back when sunshine was good for you.

I still don’t believe it’s knot.


Transferred the tomato seedlings over to their pots. Cherokee and Black Krim. 24 plants. About 20 more than I need.

They will come in handy when it’s time to trade. I’ll get some Early Girl and Brandy Wine.

Willow has been stripped. She was fine with it. Now she looks like a tiny hunting hound.

The rain will stop. It never falls long in this neck of the woods