story time again

by underswansea


Sometimes you can be too close to tell it.

There is pleasure sitting up late at night, drinking a beer and reflecting. Thinking about history. Wondering if things have changed that much. Pondering the thoughts running through the minds that walked the same trails.

Listening to the trees and characters

At the end I can never tell. The closer the folks are to me the more I wonder.

Sometimes you just have to fire away.

I’m as old as my father now. My grandfather is still older, but I’m closer to his age than the young 8 year-old of my past when he died.

Bullets have never been shot at me or over my head.

Can’t imagine what that feels like.

Stories don’t have to be factually accurate to be true.

It’s the message or feeling that gets passed on, along with the history. That’s storytelling!

And that’s all it is.