early garden

by underswansea

_LME0183Early packets.

Dug a good portion of the garden today. Enough to give me a few new blisters (I’m not as tough as I used to be).

Gonna get some lettuce, spinach and radish seed in early.

Plenty of worms in the winter hardened soil. I thought about grabbing a few, saying fuck-it and going fishing.

I pulled out plenty of couch grass roots.

IMG_3016Willow spreading manure.

Started digging with my old short handled fork. It wasn’t long before Willow and I were off for the hardware to buy a new long handled version.

I am usually opposed to buying stuff. I still use my grandfather’s rake. At 60 bucks the fork seemed like a good investment. If I’d continued to use the short handled tool, I’d ended up the rest of the weekend, in a posture like a dog screwing a football.

The wet cold weather has to be coming. Snow even. Meanwhile, my arms and face got some sun.

I drove through downtown. The young women are out in shorts.

RCE_4000Making a rhubarb!

Bare legs and buds on the trees!

Before May!

I still look, but not enough to spin my tires or get in an accident.

I curse nature and bless it too, there ain’t no good reason for an old man to take his eyes off the road.

The creeks will be rising. Once the sun hits the slopes.