new moon

by underswansea

Before I went to bed last night, it crossed my mind to wake up early and check the sky. It is a new moon, so perfect for taking night sky pictures. However,the weather was overcast at bedtime. I didn’t hold out much hope.

When 4:00am rolled around I was still fast asleep. It was Willow to the rescue. She gave me a nudge. I checked the sky and it was CLEAR! The stars were shining. Willow was smiling. I sometimes wonder if she knows more than she lets on. We were off, coffee and camera in hand.

We walked the shore. Willow even decided to go for a night time swim. I didn’t throw a stick in case she swam around ’till light looking for it.

The Milky Way was out in full force flowing north to south. Mars is bright and will continue to brighten as Earth passes between it and the sun.

An eagles nest reached for the centre of the galaxy.

Jupiter ruled the sky before we watched it set. The sky turned blue as dawn approached. The Milky Way faded. Time to head back and start the day.

Willow was right to wake me up. Sometimes you get lucky