big birds little dog

by underswansea


During our walk at the river this morning a couple of ‘honkers’ (Canadian Geese) landed right in front of Willow.

Willow barked, the geese honked. It was a good old-fashioned standoff. Willow considers the river hers, the geese believed otherwise. Lisa and I sat on a log and watched the show.

Willow ran up the bank to our log, to make us aware of the intruders, and then back down to water’s edge to continue with the business at hand.


Willow dared them to come ashore, the geese dared her to get her feet wet.

After about a half hour Lisa and I decided to move on. Willow, awag, smiling, tongue out lapping at the smells of the creek happily picked up our side.

When we looked back, I expected to see the geese claiming the sandbar as their own. Instead they floated down the river without a care in the world.

Perhaps it was only an exchange of ideas.