by underswansea


The weekends are always good. Even better now. Lisa and I were behind Swansea for breakfast. I walked out with Willow. Lisa drove the truck through mud and corn snow. The sun has power when it hits your face.

The Meadowlarks are in the fields sowing song. We stopped to listen.


Lisa stripped Willow. I thought Willow would be very dark, like she was when she was a puppy. I was surprised. The picture of Willow above is with her winter ‘wiry’ coat.I will try to post a picture tomorrow of her with her stripped coat. She sure got skinny all of a sudden!

We will be building onto the house this spring. I haven’t wanted to start many plants. I’m trying to keep the clutter down. And there is nothing wrong with buying plants from the nursery. The problem is; they don’t carry some of the varieties I want. This afternoon a started a few heirloom tomatoes. I’m sure they won’t be in the way.

Yesterday, I unloaded a truck of mushroom manure in the garden. Meadowlarks, gardening and a skinny Willow, it must be spring!