crazy it sounds, i know, but true

by underswansea


It finally happened! If you follow this blog you know I spend a lot of nights huddled in the bush with my camera.

Many people have asked me if I’ve ever seen anything unusual – really unusual? Sure, I’ve seen meteors and aurora. I’ve heard coyotes howl in unison, sounding like a cross between Vivaldi and Lucinda Williams. Owls too have given me a scare on occasion; once, picking Willow up before realizing she wasn’t a rat and dropping her.

But tonight the real unusual happened! A large flying disk, illuminated the sky, most certainly a UFO (a spacecraft!!!), flew over me while I fumbledย with my camera.

Before I go on let me make it perfectly clear I had indulged in nothing – not beer or anything other!

I missed getting a picture of it flying, but got a picture of the object after it landed over the ridge. The picture is above. You can see the glow from the spacecraft.

I was tempted to crawl to the edge of the bank and get a picture of the aliens filing out of the ship, but Willow said we should get the hell out of there.

We ran the other direction. When we were safely away. I checked the time on my phone. I know people and the authorities will want to know all the details.

My iPhone had stopped working. Possibly interference from the alien spacecraft. It was frozen. The screen said, ‘April 1st, 12:01 am.’ย