easter weekend

by underswansea


What an exceptional Easter weekend. All of our children made it home. There was some question about Hunter making it, but he arrived last night, surprising Lisa and sending her into tears.

Kelsie, (my personal photographer) took pictures of Cooper and I. It is never too early to show a youngster the woodpile. True it might be awhile before I have him packing and splitting. Then again it may be sooner than I think, the way time seems to be slipping quicker as I age.


Lisa and I were so lucky to have Maddy and Chad, Kelsie, Tom and Cooper and Hunter come to visit. Our parents, Lisa’s Mom and Dad, joined us for a wonderful supper with plenty of good food, wine and lively dinner table chatter.

The days we are all together are fewer now everyone is grown. Our children may not realize how special it is for us when they come to visit. Hopefully they will always want to come back to their childhood home and make this old couple happy!