great leaders

by underswansea


The ice was off Columbia Lake a week earlier than Windermere. Lisa and I went for a look. We talked history, about the Akisqunuk First Nation and the Wilder brothers. About what was alleged and what was certain.

Willow swam touching silt in chase of sticks. A small herd of sheep edged the bank. One was the leader. It was easy to see.


It got me thinking. In this day and age, do we have leaders or just politicians? Do any of our leaders go first and check the ground ahead of the pack? Or do they consider themselves more important and send someone else?

Sheep don’t have politicians, they have leaders. Once one goes down another picks it up.

Our little dog can spot the leader right away. That’s who she keeps her eye on.

As for the politicians and leaders on TV, Willow never bats an eye.