by underswansea



Sometimes I go on a rant about the environment. Raving about people littering or driving motorboats across Loons and sewage running into the lake.

None of it seems very important, while in other parts of the world people are strapping bombs to there body and trying to blow up as many people as they can.

It is hard to understand. And I want to understand.

Is it a problem of poverty? Is it religious fervor? Is it something I can never understand because of the privilege I experience from being lucky enough to be born in Canada?

I used to coach hockey to young men fifteen to seventeen years old. The first thing I tried to teach them was to protect themselves. Know where the boards were. Know their opponent. Respect them. Don’t be looking at the ice or have your head turned. Stay aware and protect yourself. Somebody, regardless of it being legal or illegal, can knock you into next week.

It is ridiculous to equate a sport to terrorism or war and that is not my intent.

I have a hard time observing the terror North America has raged on the rest of the world, and know that it was done in my name.

We expect, the world to kick in to keep our economy going.

Apple makes incredible products, but they are designed to become quickly obsolete so you have to buy more. It is shameful, considering the potential.

War and terrorism seem to be designed similarly.

I am an ignorant man, but smart enough to know what happens far away will happen here, eventually; to my children and my grandchildren.

I want them to protect themselves first and foremost, and then try to understand. Maybe things will become clearer as time goes on.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem right I am lost on the north fork, climbing the ridge, three feet of snow, bitching the full moon for obscuring the stars.