so long Tim

by underswansea


The entire Valley is in a state of sadness after learning Tim Goldie passed away from cancer last week.

Tim had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Gilioblastoma (brain cancer) four months ago. He has a wonderful wife, Laura, and two young, lovely daughters, Ashley and Piper.

Despite the late stage of the cancer, everyone hoped beyond hope he would beat it.

Everyone in the Valley was routing for him. Everyone wanted to contribute in someway to give him the best chance. A Crowdrise fund was set up and so was an auction.

The cause to help Tim was embraced. Funds were raised and items donated by his friends, acquaintances and plenty of folks who didn’t know him, but wanted to help. A visiting minor hockey team gave a donation, because they heard Tim was a great guy.

Most of my interaction with Tim was of a business nature. Tim and Laura own Peppi’s Pizza, while Lisa and I owned a printing business and newspaper.

I always enjoyed dealing with Tim because he was ‘loose’ and happy. There was never a time he didn’t supply me with a few smiles and a laugh or two.

Later, our son, Hunter worked at Peppi’s for seven years while going to school. He loved and was proud of his work and looked up to Tim and Laura.

As a father you want your children to have positive influences and be among good people. That was Peppi’s and Tim and Laura were in charge.

The last time I saw Tim was at the Windermere Fall Fair. I was leaving in my truck. Tim, Laura and his daughters were walking across the parking lot. I rolled down the window and said, “Thanks for treating my boy so good.”

Tim didn’t say ‘thanks’ or ‘it sure is a nice day’, instead he told me what a good person Hunter is. It made me feel good – he made me feel good.

My family’s condolences go out to Laura, Ashley and Piper and the Goldie family.