by underswansea


I’d mentioned earlier how early the ice is off the lake. It is really something. In December there was still open water in places. Considering the lake is usually frozen solid from November to April, this is an unusual year. I hope it is just an anomaly and not the new usual.

It was reported this is the earth’s warmest February on record in the time they started keeping records.

I took a picture the other day of Lake Windermere with The Milky Way in the sky. The ice was at the start of the lake. It wouldn’t take much imagination to picture a huge river of ice, or glacier, filling the entire trench. The Milky Way exactly the same, keeping time.


That’s the way it was once.

I bet there was plenty of clear nights back then.

Willow wasted no time making the best of it and going for a swim. The sun is up past five, the time has changed.


Willow shakes out the water. That’s her nature and I understand it.

She understands I walk slow on the beach and fast in the mountains.

She figures it’s my nature.