south end of the lake

by underswansea


Got a smoked pigs hoof cooking for soup. It doesn’t sound good but it’s going to be great. Three handfuls of vegetables and some dried peas. It will be thick as a hard spring rain by the time I turn off the heat.

The ice is off the lake a month early.

RCE_3601First Bluebird flying through my soul.

Lisa and I walked the south end of the lake. Plenty of geese and ducks. Chickadees. Redpolls. Ravens and bluebirds – the first of the year.

At this time last year, Willow was just a youngster. She smelled elk tracks and rolled the shit nuggets with her nose. Once home she slept.

RCE_8325Willow the year before sniffing an elk track.

This year she ran rampant! The mice are on the surface. She put her nose down and chased through the dead grass. I can’t help but feel glad for her. For a hound there is no such thing as wasting time.

Willow is spent.

Lisa and I take comfort our kids are safe and happy. How did we become so fortunate?

It may only be a pigs hoof in the stew pot – after a day like this we can only give thanks and enjoy it.

RCE_3608The quiet.

Sometimes you get lucky.