5 am sky and ice out

by underswansea


Willow and I hit the trail late at 5am. It’s been the first clear morning in what seems like a good month of drizzle, snow and cloud. I had intended to wake up earlier and check the sky but not everything is to be. With no time to get into the mountains we walked the trail over the lake. Dawn was visible, but so was the Milky Way. It is a battle between natures light. Extraordinary to watch without the interference of artificial light. It is something that should be valued. It speaks directly to our humanity and our place in the universe.

The lake ice is as good as gone. Only a small amount left in the southern part of Lake Windermere. I can’t remember the ice ever going out this early. My father used to say April 11th or 12th was always a good date to put on an ice out ticket. This winter has been mild.

We didn’t linger long. Work was calling. The Milky Way gave way to the morning. I am hoping it stays clear so we can get an earlier start tomorrow.

Willow was as happy as I for the bonus walk.