could it be

by underswansea


Up early to assess the sky. The moon is waning. The stars will be out come the new moon. It’s good to get a look. The position of the stars always change from the last time observed. Especially when it is so long between clear days. The new moon is coming. The brightest part of The Milky Way will spin over the mountains in the east during the first hours before dawn. With luck the skies will remain clear as they did today in the afternoon.

Lisa and I cleaned the house. We do it blitz style. We both have chores and we get it done, knowing the bush is calling. I am the bathroom cleaner. It doesn’t sound very glamorous, but I don’t mind, after all it is only two. Believe me when I say I’ve experienced worse.

Once the house was done, Lisa and I took off for the creek. The roads are ice and mud in the mountains. Snow once you travel higher. We have pretty good tread and four wheel drive. Still, it won’t make a difference if a tire goes off track.

We walked a familiar trail. Crossing the creek here and there. It’s easy going once in the mountains. Green is making an appearance, near the creek where the snow has melted.


Willow walked the creek bed, sometimes on the opposite side. She likes her sticks and stones, preferably, thrown.

Once home, I chopped some wood for the fire. The wood pile hasn’t suffered considering the mild winter. A tin of beer was uncovered, stashed during splitting and piling in the fall. Always good to have a few beer hidden in the wood pile! It’s been frozen and thawed a few times since October, some say that ain’t good. But I popped the top and it tasted fine to me. Better than fine actually.


Spring makes everything taste good.

Very fine day.