by underswansea

_LME9999Frozen tomatoes.

Cranky day! Not me, the weather. Before bed last night I heard a bang. I went to the window and the rain/slush was coming down sideways.  It was coming from the north. I wondered if the boom could have been thunder. Rare in winter, but I’ve heard of it. I went to bed, content, happy not to be outside, thinking I’d heard a natural phenomenon. When I awoke and headed outside everything was covered in ice. I noticed my skis, that were leaning against the house, had fallen over, accounting for the night time boom! I’ll still have to wait for winter thunder.

The wind and spit didn’t stop Willow from her afternoon swim in the creek.

It is stew weather. I brought some fish and frozen tomatoes out of the freezer. They are garden tomatoes, brought in green just before the first killing frost in September, and left to ripen in the cellar.

In October they all come ripe at once. We make sauce and salsa, jar and preserve it. We eat as many as we can, we give them away, but there is always too many. What we have left over we freeze. During the winter when we make soup or stew a few get thrown in. The flavour is awesome. We aren’t picky so we don’t care about seeds or skin. It’s just good to taste the garden when the ground is covered in snow and frozen solid.

Near the end of March I’ll start some more tomatoes from a few dried seeds.

May as well stick with what works!