by underswansea


It was Willow and I for the morning walk. The weather was low crushing cloud. The backroads are ice from the warm weather. We were looking for birds. We could hear them, chirping, taking cover in the bush.


The elk on Swansea were on the move. I watched and Willow barked. The elk perked up their ears. They are safe, they will be looking for grass to have their calves.

Further up the mountain Willow found a deer or small elk that didn’t make winter. Spring must be a haven of smells for a small hunting dog after a long frozen winter.


Pussy willows have been out now for about a week. I’ve heard reports of them being spotted in the valley bottom. Today I found them in the mountains. I can’t remember finding them here this early.

It’s been a strange winter. Mild.

The wind and spit is coming. It always chills me. Spring doesn’t care. Nor does Willow running from one thawed smell to the other.

Very fine day.