old and new

by underswansea


Bits of blue. The sky clouded and cleared all day. Mud on boots. Slipping on ice.

Between seasons can be a bitch.

Lisa and I walked on the banks over the lake. The eagles whistled in the chinook wind. The lake is turning honeycomb, but still strong. It is February after all!

Two Bald Eagles landed on a snag overlooking the village of Windermere. They let us get close.

Lisa and I count each other lucky. Our kids are safe. It’s been awhile now, we realize the most important thing can’t be taken away by career or job or anything, for that matter.

We are as passionate as we always were. But we don’t show it like  we used to. Instead we hold each other in the cold, fumbling for breast and ribcage through winter layers!

When we find each other, the snow, mud, ice or season mean little.

March is coming with wind and warmer temperatures.

Still plenty of woodpile out there in case I’m wrong!