dingle starry

by underswansea

milky way 02-16smThe Milky Way curves over the mountains. The atmospheric glow in the middle is caused by aurora.

Finally some clear skies! Willow and I were up by three and walking the trails shortly after. At -10 it was bearable but much chillier than the day before’s +2. No complaints as the starry skies made up for it.


During February in the morning hours, just before dawn, The Milky Way arcs along the mountain horizon. The brightest part, the galaxies centre, makes a comeback. It is a spectacular sight with the cold clear air making it that much more impressive. As spring approaches much more of our home galaxy will become visible before morning light.

_LME9904Waiting for Venus.

We made our way out of the mountains, stopping above the lake to watch Venus rise. I searched and squinted but I couldn’t make out dim Mercury in the silver light. Opposite Jupiter was high above Nelson.

RCE_3083Jupiter above Mt. Nelson.

Very fine morning.