line up

by underswansea



Earth, Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn over the frozen lake. The clouds on the right rolled in and covered Venus and Mercury once they came up.

Woke up early looking for clear skies. Willow awoke like she knew what was on my mind. It was as clear as it’s been for along time.

We headed out. Not far, just down the lake. Willow kept watch while I fumbled with the camera with cold hands. It was – 16°. As cold as it’s been for a month. The snow crunched and glimmered in the moonlight. It held Willow while I broke through.

Willow put up a good bark. Standing about ten feet in front of me, making herself big. Could have been a cougar, coyote or a squirrel. She didn’t put herself in danger by running forward and checking it out. She is learning. I gave a few good shouts calling her a good dog.

Wild animals don’t want trouble. I break through the snow and look lame. Willow is small. But together we are more trouble than what we are worth.

The clouds rolled back in obscuring Venus and Mercury.

If the sky stays clear I’ll give the line up another try when the moon turns crescent.

Very fine morning!