by underswansea


Tough last few days. Grey and miserable. Above freezing temps during the day have melted the snow and ice and left it lumpy and slippery. The Loop the Lake Ski Skate has been cancelled which is unfortunate. I was looking forward to showing Cooper Cash how to ski.


Just the kind of weather for Tom and I to break out the vintage Playboy cards, cribbage board and Crown Royal Northern Harvest Whisky. It doesn’t get much better.

Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2016 named Northern Harvest the World Whiskey of the Year. Unheard of for a Canadian Whiskey. The title usually goes to high priced Skatch. The Northern Harvest is hard to find, but Tom was able to track a bottle down. Enough to make this hippy go yippy!

No sense letting it go stale!