Tim Goldie

by underswansea


Tim has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer). He has a wonderful wife, Laura, and two young, lovely daughters, Ashley and Piper.

Tim and Laura own Peppi’s Pizza in Invermere. My son Hunter has worked summers and holidays at Peppi’s for many years. In a way, Tim put Hunter through college! And Hunter loved working for Tim and Laura.

A community event fundraiser will be held at Panorama  on Saturday, January 30th. The event will include live music and a silent auction. The auction will have plenty of wonderful items donated by the generous business community, artists and citizens.

This is the shits! Tim’s going to fight  this thing! Let’s give him the ammo!

All auction donations, contact Jed at jedcochrane@gmail.com

Crowdrise Help Tim Goldie Kick Cancers A$$..