metal edge

by underswansea


Felt good to take the boards for a spin today. My father and I used to spend a good portion of the winter skiing in the mountains. We took our equipment seriously. We didn’t want to be broken down in six feet of snow, ten miles or more from the trail head. He always packed replacement ski tips, skins for climbing, fruit cake and a mickey of rum. The mickey was never touched, it was only for emergencies. And, you never ate all the fruit cake until you were back home, just in case you had to spend the night. It is funny how that rule has stayed with me. If I am hiking with someone and I see them eat their entire lunch, I really have to bite my tongue.

Lisa and I started dating in the winter and we used to go skiing every chance we had. X-country skiing wasn’t very popular 30 years ago and I was blown away she had skis and enjoyed it as much as me. I had an old car back then and the only place the skis fit was between the seats. A good thing, because it served as a barrier and made us keep our hands off each other.


There is a Loop the Lake ski/skate next week. Kelsie, Tom and Cooper are coming out from the city to see us. I am tempted to go in the race (a stretch for me because I tend to avoid the ‘ruck’ of the crowd), to show my Cooper, his old granddad still has some gas in the tank. The skis are now vintage, just like the guy strapped to them. We’ll have to see.

Very fine day.