win or lose

by underswansea


Nothing like being hit, tasting blood, getting up and giving it another go. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t favor getting the advantage. Nobody likes to lose and everyone likes to win. Been kicked down and been on top. Not much difference between the two. I’ve been home with winnings and not been loved and come home with ripped shirt and loose teeth and been treated like a winner. Now I’m old I’ve traded the taste of blood for the taste of bourbon. The valley doesn’t hold much. It can be cloudy, socked in, like the oldtimers used to say. There ain’t much I wish for anymore. The fights are done and gone, same with the love, I figure. I knew an old guy who said the only thing tallies is fights and blow jobs. I used to laugh and now I laugh harder. To be the last standing is a cruelty to be taken up with the maker.