gold in thum thar creeks

by underswansea


During a good portion of winter the sun isn’t up before work and down when I get off. Throw in cloud cover and sunlight can be scarce. It’s still worth following the light. You never know where you may find it.

Willow and I raced for the river. The sun was down but a golden glimmer could be seen between the mountains and clouds. It reflected on the water. Not sure how much vitamin d it held, but I basked in it just the same.


Willow ran around in shoulder deep snow. Scratching at buried elk shit. She wanted me to throw a stick in the creek for her, but at -9 it was too cold. I ignored her when she brought it up. Finally, to show me otherwise, she waded into the water to fetch sticks anchored to the sandy bottom.

She had frozen ice on her wire-hair. I worried her feet might ball up in the snow. We spent another hour walking the creek side. Willow happy, smiling, no worse for wear. I dug a stick up from under the snow and threw it, over and over, in the direction away from the creek.

It may be too early to state this – but here it goes – the sun is on it’s way back!

Very fine day.