early january

by underswansea

RCE_2808Lisa and I were up early to see Hunter off. He is going back to the city to resume his studies. It has been wonderful to have him home over the Christmas break.

Over the past week we met Hunter’s friend. She is a strong young woman, beautiful and vivacious with a quick smile. And she even likes HOT food! Both Lisa and I took note of how they laughed at each other’s jokes.

They are engineering students. They share the same interests, fitness, music.

As a parent you hope your children find partners they can laugh with and through being together make each other stronger.

There have been snowstorms in the past few days. Last year I cleared paths around the property and had a very young Willow follow me. It was good training because I didn’t need a leash and she had no choice but to stay on the heal.



Snow shoveling is like splitting wood. It is a task that can only be enjoyed. Anything that warms your body during winter is good. Yesterday I shoveled some paths for Willow and I. Once I was done the young neighbour children came over to play with Willow. They knocked down all of my carefully constructed banks, running and throwing kindling sticks. I just leaned on my shovel and watched in amazement. It was wonderful! They loved it and so did Willow.

Some of the back roads have been cut off with the deep snow. Lisa and I had a late breakfast behind Swansea. The snow was deeper than Willow, but she didn’t seem to mind. We filled our water jugs at the spring. We could hear the birds but they stayed hidden.

It’s a black and white world at this time of the year. Lisa and Willow choose to walk out along the road. I gave them a good head start.

When it comes to the little things, behind the mountain, beside the creek, the world is full of beauty. You don’t even have to look.