the first

by underswansea


Wonderful morning. First footed Deb and Kurt. Good conversation, good laughs (never any shortage of those when we get together) and good coffee.

In the afternoon Lisa and I headed for the creek we love so much to escape the low lying cloud. It has been grey in the valley bottom. Once we rose up it cleared to a sterling blue. Climbing into the greatest of wealth, we counted ourselves lucky.

Willow sniffed out rabbit tracks and listened for mice. She has spent a week in the city, leashed, with nothing to smell but other dogs pee spots.


Lisa and I talked about what a wonderful Christmas we had with our children. We are so proud. And they treat us so good.


Cooper had his first haircut and his first crack at solid (mushy) food. He hated both. He takes after his old granddad. I don’t like haircuts either and I sure as hell prefer boobs over mashed sweet potatoes!

Very fine day.