by underswansea

_LME9411Clouds break – now if only a shooting star would streak through the frame! Notice Gemini, Orion, Taurus and Pleiades (far right). It wasn’t long and the clouds closed over. 

Sometimes despite best intentions you come up empty. I’ve been hoping, for days, for clear skies to view the Geminid peak. The weather has been cloudy for a couple of weeks now.

_LME9349Lots of this!

Last night Willow and I headed out to spend the night under the stars. What we ended up doing was spending the night under the clouds. Every time stars appeared I pointed my camera  in the direction. With only about a total of an hour of clear sky during the night our chances were slim. However, we did see a few meteors.

_LME9368A Geminid streaks behind the clouds. The Beehive cluster can be seen in Cancer (top right).

Still we saw a few. Looking for meteors is like fishing. You can’t have a worry in the world while pursuing either.

_LME9390What do you do under cloudy skies? Well, start a fire and take some selfies, of course! Willow and Bob share the warmth.

Very fine night!