sun, ice, dipper and shooting stars

by underswansea


The sun came out today and did it ever feel good! It’s been awhile. With luck, it will stay somewhat clear into the night. The Geminids Meteor Shower peaks tonight. Regardless of weather, Willow and I are planing to spend the night in the bush. The Geminids is the most beautiful shower of the year (in my opinion) and can’t be missed. Even if the best you can do is look through clouds.

Lisa and I had breakfast up the creek and watched the morning sun sweep across the ridge between ourselves and the valley bottom. We spotted last year’s American Dipper walking the edge of a beaver damn. It’s a joy to watch these little short-tailed birds flit about in the water, jumping back on shore, now and again, shaking the water from their feathers.

Back in the valley bottom we noticed Lake Windermere has opened up in the middle. This is late for open water on the lake. I’m not sure if I can remember the lake not completely iced over by this date.


We had a cold spell near the end of November and the lake iced over. The warm temperatures and rain in December has melted the ice through in places. Without another cold stretch the lake could be unsafe to drive upon between Christmas and New Year’s when the valley is full of people.

Every year at least a few cars go through the ice. Usually near where the creeks enter.

We need cold clear nights to bring out the stars and tighten the ice. Very fine day!