DTSS Library Photos

by underswansea

026_2010lrPhoto by A.E Fisher, 1920’s

It has been an honour to work on some pretty cool projects lately.

David Thompson High School in Invermere framed a number of historical photos of Aboriginal First Nation People and displayed them in the school library. The pictures were from Canada and the United States and taken in the early 1900’s.Mikelr

Photo by Isabelle Ede, 1970’s

Deb and Chrystal, of the library, decided to add some photos of the local Akisqnuk First Nation and Shuswap Band. They asked me if I had any available. I told them I did but they were negatives tucked away in boxes. Once they were dug out I produced scans and prints of the negatives. The photos were taken by local photographers A.E Fisher and Isabelle Ede.

A. E. Fisher came to Canada with a group of men from England, included my grandfather Dapper.

girllrPhoto by A.E Fisher, 1920’s

Isabelle was my mother and an exceptional photographer and darkroom technician.

A.E. Fisher’s photographers were recorded in the 1920’s on large format negatives. Isabelle’s photos were taken in the 1970’s on black and white 35mm film.

HardDaylrPhoto by Isabelle Ede, 1970’s

The photos are historical documents of a time that was difficult for First Nations People in Canada. The photos can be viewed in various ways. We can wonder what was in the hearts of the people in the photographs. We can wonder what was in the hearts of the photographers.

Without the photos we wouldn’t think of either.

Thanks to Deb and Chrystal for letting me help with the DTSS Library photography collection.