back road to the stars

by underswansea


The Geminids Meteor Shower is going on now. The peak is on December 13/14. This is my favourite meteor shower of the year. If it is a clear, cold night the show can be spectacular! Exceeding 100 meteors an hour some years!

Early weather reports predict snow – not good news, but it is still a week away and weather is tough to predict, even for the experts. All you can do is hope for the best.

Even if conditions are poor some times you can find a window in the clouds to aim the camera.

Tonight, Willow and I went out for a quick reconnaissance mission. If we do have cloud on the night of the peak, at least I’ll know where the constellations should be. We didn’t go far. The clouds were rolling in masking the stars. I found Pleiades. Orion was coming over the mountain sideways.

Tomorrow morning the Moon will occult Venus. It looks like it will be clouded over, but still worth a look.