early december

by underswansea


In the morning, Lisa and I were up the creek, beyond where it turns dry. Willow ran rampant, enjoying the smells. Lisa and I hugged on the path. I joked; this would make a good Christmas card if we had a really long selfie stick. The spruce was weighed with snow and a bit of blue showed through. Lisa laughed, said, she was thinking the same thing. We’ve been reading each other’s thoughts a lot lately.

In the valley bottom it turned mucky. Above freezing temperatures during the daytime can do that. December will throw cold and chill, wet and freeze. If you’re lucky you get to sit beside the warmth of the fire or watch the stars on a cold clear night.

Meat and potatoes and strong wine seem to mean more when the temperature dropping.

We have plenty of all three.

Very fine day.