late november

by underswansea


Sometimes I disagree with my neighbour. In the spring he touted seedlings he started from a commercial tomato he bought from Costco. I said I didn’t want them. I wasn’t sure if they were gen-modified hybrids, or took 120 days to mature. He assured me they were the best tasting tomato. I didn’t doubt him, but told him I didn’t want any. I figured he fell in love tasting them in winter after more than a few beers.

My neighbour is a stubborn cuss. We talk gardening among other important stuff. Usually over a beer or two. He is a master at starting plants and container gardening.

Last spring he gave me several seedlings. Brandywine, Black Cherry and Early Girl. And even though I didn’t want one, a Costco special, cleverly disguised as a heirloom Cherokee. It wasn’t till later I realized the rhuse.

I saw them through and when they ripened they were hard as rock. I’m sure if I put them in the back of a truck and drove them to or from Mexico they would have softened up somewhat.

They have been through plenty of frosts and haven’t fallen or lost their shape. They may not taste good but they are indestructible.

There is only one thing to do. Ice wine is a big thing! I’m considering making some Ice Ketchup and giving it to my headstrong neighbour.