Naⱡmuqȼin glowing

by underswansea



It dipped down to -19°c last night. By the time Willow and I set out it had warmed to a balmy -13. However, the day was brilliant sunny and cheerful compared to the usual November grey. There is nothing like a clear, crisp winter day! The sun went down in a hurry. Once it was below the mountains in the west, the mountains in the east lit up in a blazing glow. I watched the tops while the cold held me. Willow chased tracks and smells. Once the glow lifted the sky turned ciel. It would be dark quick so we wasted no time on the trail.

Please note: the mountain range above looks like an Indian Chief laying on his back looking up into the sky. If you look from right to left you will see his headdress, his face, then his warrior breast plate and finally his knees up on the left. It is said he bumped his head on the sky and fell backwards creating the mountains. Can you see him?