by underswansea


A few inches of snow fell during the night. We finally got out in the afternoon. My work wasn’t complete, but my mind was down the river, just like it used to be during grade school.

Willow looked for tracks in the fresh snow beside the creek. There was plenty and she was interested in them all. Most she followed to the water’s edge. Willow looking sorrowful and somewhat puzzled at the disappearance of her quarry.

This is Willow’s second winter, and her first as a curious, almost full grown hound. She has plenty to learn. She has already broken through thin ice into shallow water and didn’t like it – that is good. She has to learn what thin ice looks and sounds like.

RCE_2642Tonights moon rising over a distant ridge.

This evening the sky has cleared nicely. The temperature is dipping. Very fine day.